First quilt finished

Recently, I completely my first quilt. Well, my first real quilted object that wasn’t a mug rug. I purchased the Broken Herringbone quilt kit from Connecting Threads which came with some beautiful Michael Miller fabric from the Highlands line – which I loved as there are a lot of cats involved. 

I ordered some more fabric patterned with cat faces for the backing, and combined it with some strips I had left over from cutting the blocks that I had pieced together. I also pieced a long strip together of sashing and leftover trimmed bits of the top. 


 I did some wavy lines to quilt all the layers together and stitched the binding to the back by hand. I definitely went through too many layer on one stitch near the bottom. Whoops. Ah well. I can only get better from here!

 I’m ridiculously proud of it. It’s a few inches too short to be perfect for lounging on the sofa with my feet tucked under, but I take a lot of road trips with my boyfriend and I think it will be perfect for snuggling up in the passenger seat. Even if it is a touch too short, Mal definitely doesn’t mind. Cat approval is very important in this house. 

I’m very excited to finish my next quilt. Its a baby quilt for my boyfriend’s best friend’s daughter. I’ve decided to make it out of half square triangle blocks and have a diamond radiate out from the center. Will check in later. 

xo, n


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