Catching up

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything I’ve been working on. My health has been weird of late, but thankfully I have a new doctor who may be close to figuring out what is causing all my strange pains and what not.

Since I last posted I’ve done a bunch of little projects…

I stitched this up for a friend’s anniversary. She’s very involved with Starbucks and I knew she’d get a kick out of it. I had it framed at Michael’s but I didn’t get a picture of it in the frame. I’ll have to hound her for one.

I finished three of the blocks for the murder mystery quilt. The fourth had reverse applique and I got very hung up on the colors of my trees so I haven’t finished that one yet. I think I finally found some fabric I like, so that’s progress.

I made two of these little needle books inspired by the Crafty Gemini Creates YouTube tutorial. I added the little tab and snap instead of using a button and some elastic. 

I have little pages for tapestry needles with small blocks of Adia I zigzagged on, pages for pins and binding needles, little tabs for clips and safety pins. I am ridiculously proud of these little things.

I also signed up for three swaps: NFL, star blocks, and Harry Potter. I wanted to do some paper piecing patterns for those, and so I needed to teach myself to paper piece.

I made this with the intent of turning it into a wall hanging for a friend’s birthday. He loves rainbows. I’m binding it in the purple print. I initially tried to quilt it in a spiral, but it is much harder to do than it looks like in a YouTube video! I slapped on my BSR and did some meandering that started in the center and spiraled out instead. I also pieced the back together with some scraps and I really like how it turned out.

My sewing machine can also embroider and I took a class recently to learn how the functions work. I made a knitting bag with a pattern I picked up from urban threads.

I ripped apart a shoe bag and then boxed the corners when I sewed the sides back together.

I also put together a freestanding lace TARDIS for my friend’s wedding anniversary. Her theme was Doctor Who. I got the pattern from oesd.

And finally, I’ve been working on some quilts for pulse blocks. I want to send off a finished quilt by September and I think I’m well on my way.

I have big hearts in three shades of every color from the original pride flag. I’m going to intersperse them with paper pieced rainbow blocks.

The pattern is from sew mamma sew. I scaled it down a bit so they would be the same size. I’m not the best with gauging the size of pieces I need yet, so I think I’m going to make templates for all the background pieces and have them cut properly before I start randomly sewing. I have gotten very good with my seam ripper the past few nights.

So while I haven’t had any big finishes, I’ve done a lot of little things. Putting it all together puts it in perspective. I was feeling kind of down on myself for not doing much while feeling poorly, but all things considered, I’m gonna let myself off the hook.

I’m glad to be able to participate in something as important as the quilts for pulse drive. I can’t imagine the horror of being trapped in that club, or the hatred in that sick man’s heart. I am forever grateful that I grew up with a family that wanted me to be happy in my own skin, as my own person, and that they taught me that love was love. To be able to give someone a little bit of comfort with a quilt while improving my own skills in the process is such a blessing.

And on that note, I’m off to make more templates.



8 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. thenaughtybun says:

    Love it – all of it! The embroidery is brilliant for a coffee lover, the machine embroidery great fun (need to look up that design) and the quilt blocks absolutely darling. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

    So, I gather you have a Bernina, and the laptop in the picture looks like a MacBook. If so, how do you hande the embroidery design/Mac combo? Which software do you use? I’m actually considering buying a Windows laptop for embroidery design purposes. (I have a B780, and was rather shocked when I realised I couldn’t use my Mac).

    Liked by 1 person

    • exigentfancies says:

      Thanks! I was also super frustrated when I realized that my bernina software wasn’t compatible with my Mac. I’ve got the 790 and its dreamy. I’ve toyed with using Bootcamp to allow Windows to run on my hard drive, and honestly if I could find the paperwork from when I bought the computer I would probably have done that already. Something is messed up with my hard drive and it won’t partition without some code on some long lost piece of paper. My boyfriend has a Windows pc and he loves to tinker around with things so he’s happy to let me load him up with random software. He works in IT, it’s very nice to have the in house support. 🤓

      Liked by 1 person

      • exigentfancies says:

        A combination of SewArt and art link 7. I’m not super impressed with the Sew Art; looking into other software that’s not $2,000 that will run on my computer is definitely on the to do list. What are you using? Any recommendations?

        Liked by 1 person

      • thenaughtybun says:

        Not using any, actually. I am a grumpy kid not wanting to spend €$£ on software as well, so I’m making do with ready made designs – which is highly unsatisfying! I’m not using the embroidery unit as much as I want to because of that, hence my question.


      • thenaughtybun says:

        Fingers crossed for both of us, then! May we soon find a software that allows us to use these splendid machines like they should be used, to express one’s own creativity. When I bought the machine it didn’t cross my mind that this would be a problem. Creativity and mac goes together like bread and butter, right? I’ve since come to the conclusion that machine embroidery is considered second-hand, regurgigated creating. It’s the only explanation I can find and it annoys me…

        Liked by 1 person

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